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Minecraft Earth:Pink Footed Pig

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Pink Footed Pig
Pink Footed Pig.png
Health points





Height: 0.9 blocks
Width: 0.9 blocks

Internal ID


Pigs are varied and unique. This one has pink feet.

Player Journal description

The Pink Footed Pig is a dark-colored variant of the pig with pink feet found exclusively in Minecraft Earth.


Pink Footed Pigs are a dark-colored variant of the pig. They possess a pink nose, and their upper body and skin are dark in color, with a small light-grey patch on the left side of its belly, its feet are light pink in color, contrast to the rest of its body, its pink feet are separated by light-grey patches of skin found on its knees. It has dark ears, and a light grey muzzle underneath the nose.


Pink footed pigs can be obtained from pig tappables, and are of uncommon rarity.


Like the average pig, pink footed pigs have the same AI behavior, wandering aimlessly, dodging lava and cliffs.


Minecraft Earth
0.22.0Pink Footed Pig.png Added pink footed pigs.