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Inky Sheep
Inky Sheep.png
Sheared Inky Sheep.png
Health points




Hitbox size

Height: 1.3 blocks
Width: 0.9 blocks

Maybe this sheep writes a lot of letters. Or it just makes a mess.

Player Journal description

The Inky Sheep is a passive mob and a variant of the sheep found only in Minecraft Earth.


Inky sheep are an uncommon mob drop from sheep tappables, with a 4.7% chance of obtaining it. It was also previously obtainable as a reward in Season 7.


Inky sheep are a beige-white variant of the sheep. The wool near their face consists of two black stripes running from the back toward the side of their face, separated by a white patch of wool. Their rear end and legs are completely black in color, hence the name. Unlike other sheep, their face is rather lightly brown in color.


When sheared, inky sheep drop 1-2 black wool. Upon death, inky sheep drop:


Main article: Sheep § Behavior

Similar to ordinary sheep, inky sheep have the same AI behavior, wandering aimlessly, avoiding lava and cliffs high enough to cause fall damage.


  • Inky sheep were previously the second rarest sheep variant in Minecraft Earth with a 5.2% chance of getting it, this was before the rates of obtaining it were changed to 5.4% in some updates, it was then replaced by the flecked sheep, then the rainbow sheep.

Data values[edit]


NameNamespaced IDNumeric ID
Inky Sheep?5042


Minecraft Earth
0.19.0Inky Sheep.png Added inky sheep.