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This feature is exclusive to Minecraft Earth.
Harelequin Rabbit
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’’A fancy name for a fancy rabbit. So many colors!’’

Player Journal Description

The Harelequin Rabbit is a passive mob and a variant of the rabbit found only in Minecraft Earth.


Harelequin rabbits are uncommon mobs found in grass tappables and marsh tappables with them being rarer to get in marsh tappables.


Harelequin rabbits are a variant of the rabbit with three prominent colors, which makes it different to the normal rabbit. Their head is black with a white muzzle, and brownish tips on their ears. Their upper half is white, while their lower half is black, separated by a brown stripe. Their feet end in white tips.


Similar to ordinary rabbits, harelequin rabbits have the same AI behavior, wandering aimlessly, avoiding lava and cliffs that are enough to cause fall damage.


  • The harelequin rabbit is the only variant of the rabbit with more than two coats of fur, with three present on it.
  • The word "Harelequin" is a portmanteau of words "hare" and "harlequin".


Minecraft Earth
0.19.0Harelequin Rabbit.png Added harelequin rabbits.