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Furnace Golem
Furnace Golem.png
Health points

100♥ × 50




Height: 2.7 Blocks, Width: 1.4 Blocks

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A Furnace Golem is a variant of an iron golem with a blast furnace as its body.


Furnace golems are a variant of the iron golem with a blast furnace as their body. Their chest is dark gray and beige in color with gray outlines, they also possess a grill with three openings where coal is being lit as if a normal blast furnace. Their head has a dark gray forehead and their lower-half being beige, their eyes are bright orange and red and two grooves are found on its forehead, their face is bright orange and red when in a rage state or seeing a hostile mob. Their arms are dark gray with gray outlines and the lower half of their bodies are beige with four gray dots, resembling screws, on both legs, and their feet end with a dark brown color.


Furnace golems are available as a Rare mob drop in stone tappables.


When furnace golems see a hostile mob, their head turns orange then hits the hostile mob, which then sets the hostile mob on fire. Furnace golems do not stop until the hostile mob is destroyed. Once the hostile mob is destroyed, their head reverts to gray. During their attacks, furnace golems can light their surroundings on fire, causing blocks to burn up and spread flames, which can threaten builds.


Minecraft Earth
0.15.0Furnace Golem.png Added furnace golems.