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Minecraft Earth:Furnace Golem

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Furnace Golem
Furnace Golem.png
Health points

100♥ × 50




Height: 2.7 Blocks, Width: 1.4 Blocks

Internal ID


’’The furnace golem is a fierce mob, smashing its enemies into the air and scorching the earth with its fiery attacks. Don't be scared though! It will protect you from hostile mobs that lurk in the darkness.’’

Player Journal Description

A Furnace Golem is a variant of an iron golem with a blast furnace as its body.


A furnace golem is a variant of the iron golem with a blast furnace as its body. Its chest is dark gray and beige in color with gray outlines. It also has a grill with three openings where coal is lit as if a normal blast furnace. Its head has a dark gray forehead with too grooves, bright orange and red eyes, and its face becomes bright orange and red when in a rage state or seeing a hostile mob. Its arms are dark gray with gray outlines and the lower half of its body is beige with four gray dots resembling screws on both legs, and its feet end with a dark brown color.


Furnace golems are a rare mob drop that can found in stone tappables, where it has a very low 0.6% chance of obtaining.


When a furnace golem sees any hostile mob, its face and eyes ignite then it starts attacking, which may set the hostile mob on fire. A furnace golem does not stop attacking until the hostile mob is killed. Once killed, the golem's eyes and face revert to gray. During the attacks, a furnace golem can light its surroundings on fire, causing blocks to burn and spread flames, which can threaten builds.

Furnace Golems can hand out torches, similar to the Iron Golem them giving poppies to baby Villagers. This can be triggered randomly by viewing it at a certain angle or if a Mob of Me is placed on a buildplate.[verify]


When killed, the Furnace Golem can drop:


Minecraft Earth
0.15.0Furnace Golem.png Added furnace golems.