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Health points





Height: 0.7 blocks
Width: 0.4 blocks

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”Some years ago, far-flung explorers discovered a rare strange chicken covered in mushrooms. The Cluckshroom, as it has come to be named, is a rare subspecies of chicken. Is it delicious? Only time will tell...”Minecraft Earth in-game description

A cluckshroom is a mushroom-covered variant of a chicken. It is a rare version of the chicken tappable.


Cluckshrooms leave a trail of red mushrooms when they walk in the dark. Otherwise, they mostly have the same AI behavior as chickens, walking aimlessly and avoiding lava. Contrary to normal chickens, cluckshrooms seek darker areas. If a cluckshroom is under direct sunlight, it runs around wildly until it is out of the sun. On death they have a chance of dropping red mushrooms.


Cluckshrooms can be bought using gems to buy the Cluckhouse buildplate or found by collecting chicken tappables, with a 0.8% chance to get one.