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Bouldering Zombie
Bouldering Zombie.png
Health points

20♥ × 10



Attack strength


Hitbox size

Height: 1.9 blocks
Width: 0.6 blocks

What is scarier than death itself? Death that can climb!

Player Journal Description

The Bouldering Zombie is a gray-skinned variant of the zombie capable of climbing up blocks found only in Minecraft Earth.


The Bouldering Zombie is a gray variant of the zombie capable of climbing up blocks like a spider. Unlike normal zombies, they possess dark stone-colored skin, a dark greyish head, a more serious expression and face, and have slightly bigger arms, with them being slightly wide, and its seen to have closed fists. It wears a leather shirt and dark grey pants.


Bouldering zombies are rare mob drops that can only be obtained from Rare and Epic Adventure Chests. It can also be obtained as a reward in Season 15.


Bouldering zombies act like normal zombies in terms of damage and behavior, but are capable of scaling up blocks like a spider. This behavior is triggered when it sees a player above blocks, where it then proceeds to climb blocks and then attack the player.


When killed, the Bouldering Zombie can drop:

Data values[edit]


NameNamespaced IDNumeric ID
Bouldering Zombie?145


Minecraft Earth
0.30.0Bouldering Zombie.png Added bouldering zombies.


  • It, along with the lobber zombie are the first zombie variants exclusive to Minecraft Earth.
    • Unlike other zombie variants in different games, they were given unique and slightly altered models, where their only alterations being their arms albeit different widths and lengths, and unique animations for throwing and climbing.
  • The Bouldering Zombie was originally leaked on the Official Minecraft website as the Climbing Zombie and was said to be added alongside the Viler Witch but was later removed from the article.
  • Bouldering is the sport of climbing small rock formations or artificial rock walls without ropes or harnesses.