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Minecraft Earth:Bone Spider

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Bone Spider
Bone Spider.png
Health points

32♥ × 16




Height: 0.7 Blocks, Width: 0.6 Blocks

Internal ID


’’The bone spider is a vicious and scary beast, hiding in the darkest recesses of caves. It sneaks up on its enemy spitting out sharp shards of bones causing high levels of damage. Yuk!’’

Player Journal Description

The Bone Spider is a variant of the spider that is covered in a bone texture found only in Minecraft Earth.


Bone spiders are of rare mobs that can only be obtained from Epic and Rare Adventure Chests, they can also be obtained from the "Level 25" buildplate, the bone spider was previously obtainable as a reward from Season 2 and 4.


Bone spiders are hostile toward players, melon golems, and furnace golems. Their melee attack deal 3♥♥. Additionally, they can shoot bones as a ranged attack.

Bone shard[edit]

Bone Shard
Bone Shard.png

Bone spiders shoot bone shards at players. The player takes 2♥ – 6♥♥♥ of projectile damage upon being hit.


When it is killed, the bone spider drops one of these items:

  • 0–2 String 35% (720 chance)
  • 0–2 Bone 40% (820 chance)
  • 1–2 Bone Meal 25% (520 chance)


Minecraft Earth
0.15.0Bone Spider.png Added bone spiders.