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Minecraft Earth:0.4.0

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Minecraft Earth

Release date

October 2, 2019

Other instances
of 0.4.0

0.4.0[1] was a major update to Minecraft Earth released on October 2, 2019.[2]



  • Brown bed
  • Dark oak and spruce saplings
  • Rabbit's hide and foot
  • Raw and cooked rabbit
  • Stone slab


  • XP icon for challenges
  • Backpack icon
  • Locked item icon.



  • Tweaked the layout of the inventory.
  • Updated the texture for the backpack.
  • Updated the ground texture on the map.


12 issues fixed
  • MCE-183 – Baseplate Server Error
  • MCE-246 – When using precision mode, the camera flashes light blue color fast and randomly
  • Fixed crashing on some low-end devices when entering Buildplates.
  • Fixed a crash when using an empty bucket on a trapdoor through liquid source block.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when purchasing Buildplates.
  • Fixed getting disconnected from the server when milking a cow with a full hotbar.
  • Fixed getting disconnected from the server when picking up items dropped by salmon and rabbits.
  • Fixed getting disconnected from the server when picking up a flower pot.
  • Blocks now catch fire when lava flows next to them.
  • Muddy pigs are now muddier on the Buildplate selection screen.
  • Items that start with special characters are now shown in the correct alphabetical order when sorted.


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