Minecraft Earth:0.11.0

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Minecraft Earth

Release date

January 28, 2020

Other instances
of 0.11.0

0.11.0 is a major update to Minecraft Earth[1] released on January 28, 2020.



Mob of Me
  • Added a selection indicator when choosing a Mob of Me.
  • The Mob of Me selection screen now has an exit button.


  • Adventure previews are now full screen and have a new UI.
  • Added indicator that shows how long an Adventure will exist for before it despawns.
Make Stuff
  • The crafting and smelting menus have been overhauled to be easier to use.


App storage
  • Reduced the file size of the game.
Bright mode
  • Is now color balanced for a more pleasant viewing experience in outdoor conditions.


6 issues fixed
From released versions before 0.11.0
  • MCE-425 – Black screen issue
  • MCE-1594 – Strawberry blonde hair color is unnamed
  • Trees now spawn apples as intended.
  • Players can now rotate their avatar in the profile screen, and the dressing room now loads properly for new accounts with fresh installs.
  • Haptic feedback no longer triggers when vibration is turned off on Android devices.
  • Fixed an issue with item clipping while people occlusion is enabled.


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