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Wretched Wraith
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This page describes content that is a part of the Creeping Winter DLC.

The Wretched Wraith is a boss mob found in Minecraft Dungeons, where it is found within the Lone Fortress of the Creeping Winter DLC. It is the final boss of the Creeping Winter DLC.


The Wretched Wraith is an unusually large or oversized wraith with small purple markings around its tattered hood, glowing eyes and mouth, ice-tipped hands, shoulders, and an ice crown, with a shard of the Orb of Dominance floating above it.


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When the player reaches the end of the Lone Fortress, they will come across an ice crown with the shard on a pedestal. If they try to take it, the Wretched Wraith will rise up and grab the crown. It will then try to fend the player off. Once it is defeated, the orb inside its crown will disappear, and the wraith will eventually disappear too.


The Wretched Wraith has 3 different attacks. In between them, it randomly hovers and teleports around the arena.

These attack names are conjectural; official names have not been established.

Projectile Attack

The Wretched Wraith moves one of its arms and simply fires a fast-moving icy projectile towards the player.

Row Projectile Attack

The Wretched Wraith teleports to one side of the arena and firing rows of many pink projectiles (5 for spread and 8 for cone per second) which cover both sides of the arena, and also projectiles in the middle. After doing this attack for 10 seconds, the wraith may become stunned for 5 seconds and won't move or attack. Its defense is also reduced by 60% during this.

Summon Mobs

The Wretched Wraith summons 2 strays and 1 wraith.


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  • The Wretched Wraith is known in the game files as "Wicked Wraith".
    • Additionally, the in-game narrator calls the Wretched Wraith the Wicked Wraith.
  • Despite being a shard of the Orb of Dominance, the piece on its crown appears to be the orb itself.
  • Similar to the Jungle Abomination and the Heart of Ender, it has purple/pink eyes.
  • The Wraith uses the Corrupted Cauldron's boss music.
  • This is the second boss mob to be undead, the first one being the Nameless One.
  • Unlike most bosses that are immune to stunning, this boss gets stunned (as well as weakened defense) if it takes too much damage much like most normal mobs in the game. This is also shared with the Jungle Abomination.