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This page describes content that is a part of the Jungle Awakens DLC.


The Whisperer is a plant-like hostile mob found in Minecraft Dungeons, in the Jungle Awakens DLC. They act almost similar to the Geomancer in terms of attack style, such as summoning Vines in a square pattern surrounding the player.


The Whisperer has 4 attacks.

Melee Attacks

At close range, it uses its long arms to hit the player.

Summon Quick-Growing Vines

At a distance, it summons Quick Growing Vines around the player in a trapping pattern. When it summons Quick Growing Vines, the Whisperer waves its two arms, and pink mist emanates from its hands, and pink cracks appear from the ground, and there, Quick Growing Vines appear. Used more commonly.

Summon Poison-Quill Vines

When it summons Poison-Quill Vines, it instead punches the ground and one Poison-Quill Vine appears from the pink cracks. Used sparsely. Each Poison-Quill Vines have 2 times more hp then the Whisperer itself.

Entangle Vine (Grapple)

A rare behavior. When the Whisperer stretches its arms forward and closes its palms. It summons a small circle vine trap and the trap clamps the player for few seconds and disappears later. Similar to the spider's web. This entangle Vine is unattackable.


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  • Vocal: 3 Attack, 1 Grapple, 1 hit front, 1 hit left, 1 hit right, 3 Idle, 1 PQV(Poison Quick Vine), 1 QGV(Quick Growing Vine), 3 Stun, 4 Walk
  • Foley: Same amount.
  • Note: The Whisperer has no death sounds.