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The Pink Scoundrel
The Pink Scoundrel.png

Ranged weapon



Natural enchantment

Wild Rage

It would be a deadly mistake to underestimate the power of the Pink Scoundrel.

In-game description

The Pink Scoundrel is a unique ranged weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. It is a variant of the Trickbow.




The Pink Scoundrel has low power, low speed and moderate ammo. The quiver starts with 66 arrows.

The Pink Scoundrel can be shot immediately for the minimum damage or charged for maximum damage if the ranged attack button is held down. Ranged weapons require the player to have at least one normal arrow or a special arrow from a quiver artifact in their inventory to shoot. Players can also cancel shots by using the melee attack button and releasing the ranged attack button while the melee button is still held.

Damage caused by the arrows can be increased with enchantments, the Stength buff, and certain armors that have ranged damage increases, such as the Hunter's Armor.



Power Damage
112 672-1344