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This page describes content that is a part of the Howling Peaks DLC.
This feature may be added to the game in the future.
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Tempest Golem
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The Tempest Golem is a new boss mob of the new Minecraft Dungeons DLC Howling Peaks. It is a larger and more powerful variant of the Squall Golem.


The Tempest Golem is a colossal golem-like mob and a variant of the Squall Golem. It retains the colors and features of a typical Squall Golem, with it being gray, being made of stone, having a golden back, and the signature two windmill-like poles. The only things differing it is its head, which is more square than rectangle, a purple stud on its forehead, smaller eyes, and a big jaw. Jade banners can be seen hanging below the Golem's chin, and its front body possesses more intricate etched lines and 4 jade blocks on each end of its body. Both of its arms possess giant gold swords with purple stripes going down the middle. It has 2 relatively large feet that are made of mainly stone and also gold at the bottom. The Tempest Golem also has a large purple button on its chest, which is covered by two jade-colored panels with a swirl symbol on them. These two panels are considered its shield, and it protects its large button with them. The golem appears to be 10 to 12 blocks tall, which would make it the tallest boss or mob in the game.


It is possible that the Tempest Golem could have been a Squall Golem, and that the Squall Golems were guardians of the mountains before the shard of the Orb of Dominance came to the mountains, and when it did, it corrupted one of them, and it took control over all others. This must explain the Tempest Golem's resemblance over Squall Golems, but currently not much is known.


The majority of the behavior and attacks of the Tempest Golem are currently unknown. It will be able to attack to the front and to the side with the two swords on both arms. According to the blog post about Minecraft Live 2020[1], it may also be able to summon dangerous winds which could be similar to the attack of the Windcaller. It can use the two panels covering its button to attack by swinging them open, and then closing them. However, it appears to only be effective at close range. The button on its chest is revealed when the Tempest Golem is stunned or the shields are deactivated. It also has a ranged attack where it launches several lightning projectiles towards the player. It can electrify them upon hit.


Deactivate ArmDLC_sfx_mob_TempestGolem_DeActivateArm
Deactivate Arm ReactDLC_sfx_mob_TempestGolem_DeActivateArmReact
Deactivate ShieldDLC_sfx_mob_TempestGolem_DeActivateShield
Deactivate Shield ReactDLC_sfx_mob_TempestGolem_DeActivateShieldReact
Reactivate ArmDLC_sfx_mob_TempestGolem_ReActivateArm
Reactivate ReactDLC_sfx_mob_TempestGolem_ReActivateReact
Reactivate ShieldDLC_sfx_mob_TempestGolem_ReActivateShield
Shield AttackDLC_sfx_mob_TempestGolem_ShieldAttack
Ranged AttackDLC_sfx_TempestGolem_RangedAttack
Ranged Attack ImpactDLC_sfx_TempestGolem_RangedAttackImpact


Minecraft Dungeons
October 3, 2020Howling Peaks announced during Minecraft Live 2020, with the release date set to be in December 9 2020. model, textures and sound files for the Tempest Golem into the game, currently unused. Also added model information for a "Tempest Crystal."



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