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This article is about the item in Minecraft Dungeons. For the item in the base Minecraft game, see Potion of Strength.
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Strength Potion
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Briefly boosts attack damage.

In-game description

The Strength Potion is a potion in Minecraft Dungeons.


The Strength Potion is mainly obtained by defeating mobs, and opening chests.

The common armor enchantment Surprise Gift and the common weapon enchantment Looting also have a chance to create the potion, as well as other consumables.


When drunk, the Strength Potion grants the player increased damage from the Strength buff. Strength lasts for thirty seconds and ends when the duration runs out.


Causes attacks to deal an additional damage.

If an attack does 100 damage, with Strength it deals 200. New Damage = Base Damage 100 + (Base Damage 100 *1, 100, from Strength) = 200

If the Shadow Form buff from Shadow Brew is active as well, the result is 900. New Damage = Base Damage 100 + (Base Damage 100, from Strength) + (Base Damage 100 * 7, 700, from Shadow Form) = 900



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