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Spiders are common hostile mobs found in certain levels in Minecraft Dungeons that have the ability to shoot webs to slow players.


Spiders in Minecraft Dungeons look like their counterparts in the base game. The key visual difference is that in Dungeons, a spider can raise its abdomen to shoot cobwebs.


Spiders spawn in almost all levels except for Obsidian Pinnacle and ??? as well as the Creeping Winter Levels (Though they can spawn in an ambush in a secret area in the Lost Settlement and in the mine in the Frosted Fjord) in Minecraft Dungeons, mostly around dark or secluded corners in groups or individually.


Spiders are hostile towards players and companions. At first, spiders do not attack directly, but they shoot cobwebs that can temporarily leave the player trapped. Spiders flee when an unwebbed player approaches.

If a player gets caught in a web, all nearby spiders will run to attack the player.

Spiders have a sound file named "Call" that they use to call other spiders. This sometimes happens when a spider sees a player suddenly and gets scared.[needs testing] The spider would tighten its legs and jump a little bit. (Like arthropod animals in real life).


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