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Shadow Brew
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Grants invisibility and boosts your next melee attack

In-game description

The Shadow Brew is a potion in Minecraft Dungeons.


The Shadow Brew is mainly obtained by defeating mobs, and opening chests.

The common armor enchantment Surprise Gift and the common weapon enchantment Looting also have a chance to create the potion, as well as other consumables.


When drunk, the Shadow Brew grants the player invisibility and increased damage on the next melee attack, which are combined into the Shadow Form buff. Shadow Form lasts for ten seconds and ends after hitting an enemy or when the duration runs out.

Shadow Form[edit]

Grants invisibility, which causes nearby mobs to not be aggressive towards the player, and also makes the player's character transparent, while leaving armor and weapons fully visible. Taking off equipment beforehand has no additional benefit.

Next attack does increased damage.

If an attack does 100 damage, with Shadow Form it deals 800. New Damage = Base Damage 100 + (Base Damage 100 * 7, 700, from Shadow Form) = 800

If the buff Strength from Strength Potion is active as well, the result is 900. New Damage = Base Damage 100 + (Base Damage 100 * 7, 700, from Shadow Form) + (Base Damage 100, from Strength) = 900



Please note that sfx_backStabberStealthVisible and sfx_item_backStabberStealthVisible are not the same sound effect nor do they share file names, and should be kept seperate.

Stealth Visiblesfx_backStabberStealthVisible
Stealth Visiblesfx_item_backStabberStealthVisible


  • Internally, the Shadow Brew is known as the Backstabber's Brew.
  • Witches often throw potions identical to the Shadow Brew. However, these potions create a purple cloud that does continuous damage much more like the Poison Cloud enchantment, unlike the real Shadow's Brew.