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Royal Guard
Royal Guard.png


Natural equipment

The Royal Guard is a heavily armored variant of the vindicator that wields a shield and a mace found in Minecraft Dungeons.


The Royal Guard is a Vindicator wearing Dark Armor but with yellow outlines on the helmet and sleeves, and carries a shield with a yellow cross-like pattern, and a mace.


The Royal Guard only spawns within the Highblock Halls, the Obsidian Pinnacle, and the Lone Fortress. It can also be found rarely in the Underhalls.


The Royal Guard is usually protected by their heavy armor and their shield and mace. The shield should be destroyed first, so the player can damage it.

The Royal Guard is slower than most mobs, but extremely strong, capable of dealing heavy damage to the player. The Royal Guards are the praetorian guards of the Arch-Illager and they protect him at all costs. Their health pool is the same as the armored vindicator (diamond not gold) but their melee damage is slightly less. They still can be stunned by normal attack.

In this sense, they are the illager equivalent of Skeleton Vanguards, except they use maces instead of glaives.


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  • Sometimes, the Creepy Crypt and Panda Plateau can generate the skeleton with the Royal Guard's equipment. When the player clicks on it, the skeleton disappears and then, waves of skeletons will be summoned around it. After the waves have been defeated, the player would get a chest reward, but still can't take the Dark Armor and the shield.
  • Royal Guards are also sometimes found in Lone Fortress for some unknown reason, possibly to guard the Wretched Wraith, or someone else.