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Redstone Monstrosity
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The Redstone Monstrosity is the boss variant of the Redstone Golem. It appears in the Fiery Forge as the final boss, created by overloading all of the Redstone Cores; possibly the overload sends a power surge that ended up giving it more power.


The Redstone Monstrosity appears to be a hulking, mechanical entity made of stone and redstone patches. It appears to have multiple cracks within the body and red outlines within its torso. It has three glowing yellow eyes with the third one on its forehead and a red jaw. It also possesses two large horns on its head. The Mooshroom Monstrosity is a variant of this entity.


The Redstone Monstrosity has three attacks. While not attacking, it slowly walks towards the player.

Shockwave Attack

The Redstone Monstrosity possesses the same shockwave attack as the golem. It smashes both of its fists on the ground, creating a large shockwave that does damage to and knocks back any other entities in its range. This attack is the one used most often when a player gets in its range.

Summon Redstone Cubes

The Redstone Monstrosity touches the ground with both fists as the redstone on its body glows. Fissures spawn around the arena, each spawning a Redstone Cube. Used rarely.

Fire Rockets

The Redstone Monstrosity leans back and spits out a cluster of small fireballs from its mouth. When a fireball touches the ground, it explodes in a small radius. Used mostly when there are no players close to the Monstrosity.



Short Growlsfx_mob_rsMonstrosityShortGrowl
Voice Chargesfx_mob_rsMonstrosityVoiceCharge
Voice Shortsfx_mob_rsMonstrosityVoiceShort


In the opening cinematic, as well as the Minecraft Dungeons banner, along with all the illagers who notably have switched weapons partially, another creature known as the Redstone Golem can be seen. It is a bit more stone-like, however, and bears no horns or mouth, two somewhat larger, slime-like eyes, more cracks, and is only about half the size (4.3 blocks). It also appears to be thinner and weaker. There is also the form of what appears to be a half-built upgraded Monstrosity in the Obsidian Pinnacle level, called in the files the Obsidian Monstrosity.


  • In the official artwork for Dungeons, the Arch-Illager is sitting on its shoulder. However, the Arch-Illager is not part of the boss fight.