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This article is about the mob in Minecraft Dungeons. For the block in Minecraft, see Block of Redstone.
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Redstone Cube
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The Redstone Cube is a hostile mob found in Minecraft Dungeons. It is one of three Redstone-themed mobs, which also include the Redstone Golem and the Redstone Monstrosity.


The Redstone Cube can be spawned by the Redstone Monstrosity during its boss battle to aid in defeating the player.


The Redstone Cube appears to be a Block of Redstone with stone patches and eyes with eyebrows. Its eyes look almost identical to the ones found on the Redstone Golem. It leaves a small trail of Redstone Dust as it moves.


The Redstone Cube relentlessly chases a player by rolling towards them, dealing damage upon contact.

== Sounds ==


|foot=1 |sound=sfx_mob_redstoneCubeHurt-001_soundWave.ogg |sound2=sfx_mob_redstoneCubeHurt-002_soundWave.ogg |sound3=sfx_mob_redstoneCubeHurt-003_soundWave.ogg |sound4=sfx_mob_redstoneCubeHurt-004_soundWave.ogg |description=Hurt |id=sfx_mob_redstoneCubeHurt |dungeons=1}}


  • The texture for the Redstone Cube includes a stray pixel.