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Iron Pickaxe JE3 BE2.png
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Notes: Replace the Blacksmith for the new Merchants the Pickaxe can be obtained from

Melee Weapon

  • Common
  • Rare

The pickaxe has been the iconic tool of adventurers and heroes for as long as anyone can remember.

In-game description

The Pickaxe is a melee weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. Its only unique variant is the Diamond Pickaxe. It was previously supposed to get another unique variant called The Monkey Motivator, but never made it into the game.




The Pickaxe has moderate power and low speed and range, and attacks with an overhead strike. The pickaxe can be a part of the current most powerful build. Thanks to its quick attack speed and single hit combo, as long as you are using the right enchantments (Shockwave, Swirling, Gravity or radiance).


  • X melee damage


Power Damage
1 16
10 26
20 43
30 68
40 107
50 164
60 249
70 378
80 570
90 859
100 1293
108 1792



Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaPickaxe gear.png Added the Pickaxe. attack combo to 1 attack. attack delay from 0.45 to 0.7.
Increased damage by 55.