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Pets are cosmetics in Minecraft Dungeons. They give the player no special perks or advantages, and are not to be confused with Summons.

They are all given to the player once they purchase the Hero Edition, but the parrot can be obtained by itself when the Jungle Awakens is bought, and the arctic fox can be obtained by itself when the Creeping Winter DLC is bought.


Pet List
Name Image Description
Baby Chicken
Don't take a baby chicken into combat - unless that baby chicken is really cute. Luckily, this one is.
A parrot makes a perfect companion while traveling the Overworld. Just watch your language.
Arctic Fox
That's one stone-cold arctic fox. No, really - it's cold out there in the snow!
Baby Goat
The baby goat is a perfect combination of both cuteness and head-butting skills.
Baby Pig
Are the squeals of delight coming from you or this adorable Baby Pig? Your newest pet is so cute you could eat it up! You could, but you probably shouldn't.