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Necromancers, also known as Summoners, are undead hostile mobs found in Minecraft Dungeons that can summon undead mobs. They look similar to the Nameless One but are slightly smaller, about 2.5 blocks tall, and wear a purple robe with blue markings.


In Default difficulty, the Necromancer can only be found in Desert Temple and the Lower Temple. In Adventure difficulty, it can be found in the Cacti Canyon and in Apocalypse difficulty, it can be found within the Creeper Woods and the Creepy Crypt.


The Necromancer is a large skeleton that wears blue turfs, a cape with blue stripes near the end, a golden belt with a blue gem in the middle, has greenish eyes, and wears a gold crown-like headwear. Necromancers always hold a staff with a blue orb placed upon a stick.


Necromancers use their staff to summon undead mobs such as wraiths, zombies and skeletons to attack players. They summon mobs much more often than the Nameless One. After summoning, they'll flee and keep a distance from the player, and then summon mobs again. Necromancers also rapidly fire damaging laser orbs from their staff to players. The laser orbs deal less damage than the zombie's melee attack but more damage than the skeleton's range attack.

Health points[edit]

Levels Default Adventure Apocalypse
I 49 600 3282
II 86 786 4183
III 138 1021 5325
IV 201 1319 6770
V 299 1800 9132
VI 428 2437 12265
VII ? ? ?


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