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Mooshroom Monstrosity
Mooshroom Monstrosity.png


The Mooshroom Monstrosity is a boss mob in Minecraft Dungeons. It appears in the hidden dungeon ??? level as the final boss. It seems to be the remnants of a Redstone Monstrosity somehow reactivated by the mushroom spores after being defeated by the player at the Fiery Forge.


The Mooshroom Monstrosity appears to be a mechanical mob made of stone and redstone patches, as well as mushroom spores sprouting out of the Mooshroom Monstrosity's body. It appears to have multiple cracks within the body and red outlines within its torso. It has two black eyes and a third empty eye socket on its forehead, and a red jaw. This mob is a variation of the Redstone Monstrosity.


Note: The attack names are conjectural; official names has not been established.

The Mooshroom Monstrosity has three attack patterns.

Melee Smash

The Mooshroom Monstrosity smashes both of its fists on the ground, creating a large shockwave that does damage to and knocks back any other entities in its range. This attack is the one used most often when a player gets in its range.

Summon Mooshrooms

The Mooshroom Monstrosity pounds the ground with both fists as its body glows. Fissures spawn around the arena, each spawning a Mooshroom. The Mooshroom Monstrosity has a few second cooldown after using this pattern.

Mushroom Fireballs

The Mooshroom Monstrosity spits out a line of flaming mushroom projectiles from its mouth. When the mushroom hits an object, it explodes in a small radius. It is commonly used when the player is in a certain range from the Mooshroom Monstrosity.



Mob lifting armsfx_mob_rsMonstrosityArm
Mob awakeningsfx_mob_rsMonstrosityAwaken
Mob dyingsfx_mob_rsMonstrosityDeath
Mob growlssfx_mob_rsMonstrosityGrowl
Mob getting hurtsfx_mob_rsMonstrosityHurt
Randomly when idlesfx_mob_rsMonstrosityIdle
Mob firing mushroom projectilesfx_mob_rsMonstrosityShoot
Mob growl shortsfx_mob_rsMonstrosityShortGrowl
Mob walkingsfx_mob_rsMonstrosityStep
Voice Chargesfx_mob_rsMonstrosityVoiceCharge
Mob idle shortsfx_mob_rsMonstrosityVoiceShort


  • It is currently one of the few bosses that is not summoned by the Arch-Illager.