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Moon Daggers
Moon Daggers (Dungeons).png

Melee Weapon



Natural enchantment

Enigma Resonator

These curved blades shine like the crescent moon on a dark night.

In-game description

The Moon Daggers are a unique melee weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. It is a variant of the Daggers.


Can rarely be acquired from defeating mobs and opening chests in Soggy Swamp, Soggy Cave, and Redstone Mines on all difficulties.

Can also be randomly purchased from the luxury merchant's stall in the player's Camp.


The Moon Daggers possess low power, high speed, and low range, and has a continuous attack of slashes alternating between the left and right hand.


  • Souls Critical Boost (0-15%)
  • Dual Wield
  • +1 Soul Gathering


Power Damage
29 29
65 141
70 173
106 760
110 874
112 956



Minecraft Dungeons
?Moon Daggers (Dungeons).png Added Moon Daggers. +1 soul gathering.