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Mob Spawner
Mob Spawner (Dungeons).png


The Mob Spawner is an uncommon monster factory that spawns mobs in Minecraft Dungeons.


The Mob Spawner's appearance in Minecraft Dungeons is similar in color to its normal counterpart with a few differences, instead of having the skull in the middle, the one in Minecraft Dungeons has its skull design near the base. Unlike its default counterparts, the Mob Spawner in Minecraft Dungeons is capable of movement via twitching and is seemingly able to control the flame inside it when summoning mobs, seemingly aware of its environment.


Mob spawners can only be found within the Redstone Mines, where they are found scattered across the Mines. It can only spawn Zombies and Armored Zombies. It can also be found in a secret room in the Frosted Fjord and Lost Settlement.


Mob spawners behave in a similar vein to the spawners in the core game, but light doesn't affect the spawn rate. Mobs are produced in huge waves whenever the player is within a certain distance from it. It produces a crackling sound while idling. they have very high health, possibly the highest of any regular mob.


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  • Even though the Spawner itself does not move, the Gravity enchantment can cause it to.