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Mobs are "living", moving game entities.

There are several mobs exclusively found in Minecraft Dungeons that are not present in the base game, Minecraft.

List of mobs[edit]

Mobs are listed and classified by their nature in regard to the player as below. For more details on a particular mob, click and view their individual page.



TargetDummyFace.png CowFace.png SheepFace.png PiggyBankFace.png KeyFace.png
Target Dummy Cow Sheep Piggy Bank Key Golem


Main article: MCD:Camp
VillageMerchantFace.png GiftWrapperFace.png LuxuryMerchantFace.png MysteryMerchantFace.png Dungeons BlacksmithFace.png
Village Merchant Gift Wrapper Luxury Merchant Mystery Merchant Blacksmith


VillagerFace.png PigFace.png GeomancerWallFace.png GeomancerBombFace.png Evoker Fangs.png
Villager Pig Geomancer Wall Geomancer Bomb Evoker Fang


Main article: MCD:Summons
WolfFace.png BatFace.png TraderLlamaFace(dungeons).png IronGolemFace (Dungeons).png BeeFace.png EnchantedBurningSheepFace.png SoulWizardFace.png
Wolf Bat Llama Iron Golem Bee Enchanted Sheep Soul Wizard


Main article: MCD:Illager
VindicatorFace (Dungeons).png ArmoredVindicatorFace.gif PillagerFace (Dungeons).png ArmoredPillagerFace.gif EnchanterFace.png GeomancerFace.png RoyalGuardFace.png VindicatorChefFace(Dungeons).png WitchFace (Dungeons).png
Vindicator Armored Vindicator Pillager Armored Pillager Enchanter Geomancer Royal Guard Vindicator Chef Witch
Main article: MCD:Undead
ZombieFace (Dungeons).png ArmoredZombieFace.png HuskFace.png ZombieFace (Dungeons).png ChickenJockeyFace.png ChickenJockeyMultipleFace.png
Zombie Armored Zombie Husk Baby Zombie Chicken Jockey Chicken Jockey Tower
SkeletonFace (Dungeons).png ArmoredSkeletonFace.png SkeletonVanguardFace.png NecromancerFace.png WraithFace.png
Skeleton Armored Skeleton Skeleton Vanguard Necromancer Wraith
CreeperFace (Dungeons).png SpiderFace.png CaveSpiderFace (Dungeons).png SlimeFace.png PurpleSlimeFace.png
Creeper Spider Cave Spider Slime Pink Slime
SpawnerFace.png VexFace.png RedstoneCubeFace.png MooshroomFace.png
Mob Spawner Vex Redstone Cube Mooshroom


Main article: MCD: Mini boss
EndermanFace.png EvokerFace (Dungeons).png RedstoneGolemFace.png SkeletonHorsemanFace (Dungeons).png
Enderman Evoker Redstone Golem Skeleton Horsemen


Main article: MCD: Boss
CorruptedCauldronFace.png NamelessOneFace.png RsMonstrosityFace.png Arch-IllagerFace.png HeartOfEnderFace.png MooshroomMonstrosityFace.png
Corrupted Cauldron Nameless One Redstone Monstrosity Arch-Illager Heart of Ender Mooshroom Monstrosity

DLC mobs[edit]

Jungle Awakens[edit]

This section describes content that is a part of the Jungle Awakens DLC.
These mobs are in the Jungle Awakens DLC pack.


OcelotFace.png PandaFace.png QuickGrowingVine.png
Ocelot (Hostile to Creepers) Panda/Baby Panda



Quick Growing Vine


PandaFace.png[verify] AbominationVine.png
Panda/Baby Panda Abomination Vine


JungleZombieFace.png MossySkeletonFace.png LeaperFace.png Poison-QuillVine.png WhispererFace.png
Jungle Zombie Mossy Skeleton Leapleaf Poison-Quill Vine Whisperer

Main Boss[edit]

Main article: MCD: Boss
Jungle Abomination

Creeping Winter[edit]

Ice Wand.png
This section describes content that is a part of the Creeping Winter DLC.
These mobs are in the Creeping Winter DLC pack.


RabbitFace (Dungeons).png PolarBearFace.png
Rabbit Baby Polar Bear


Ice Cube


Polar Bear


IcologerFace.png FrozenZombieFace.png StrayFace.png IcyCreeperFace.png
Iceologer Frozen Zombie Stray Icy Creeper


Main article: MCD: Mini boss
IllusionerFace (Dungeons).png

Main Boss[edit]

Main article: MCD: Boss
Wretched Wraith

Upcoming DLC mobs[edit]

Howling Peaks[edit]

Main article: MCD:Howling Peaks


Wooly Cow


GoatFace.png LlamaFace(dungeons).png
Goat Llama


Wind Caller Face.png Mountain illager face.gif Ravager(dungeons)Face.png SquallGolemFace.png
Windcaller Mountain Illager Ravager Squall Golem

Main Boss[edit]

Tempest Golem Face.png
Tempest Golem

Future mobs[edit]

Note: Those future DLC names are conjectural; an official name has not been established they may or may not be added.

Nether DLC[edit]

Netherrack JE4 BE2.png
This section describes content that is a part of the Nether DLC.
This feature may be added to the game in the future.
Main article: MCD: Nether DLC


PiglinFace.png BlazeFace.png WitherSkeletonFace.png
Piglin Blaze Wither Skeleton

Ocean DLC[edit]

Kelp JE3 BE2.gif
This section describes content that is a part of the Ocean DLC.
This feature may be added to the game in the future.
Main article: MCD:Ocean DLC


PufferfishFace.png SquidFace.png
Pufferfish Squid




The End DLC[edit]

End Stone JE3 BE2.png
This section describes content that is a part of the End DLC.
This feature may be added to the game in the future.
Main article: MCD:End DLC

No mobs are currently known to be in the End DLC.

Other mobs[edit]

Unused mobs[edit]

In the default data file. They are unused and cannot be spawned in-game.

SilverfishFace.png Dungeons Jack'o'LanternFace.png ObsidianMonstrosityFace.png
Silverfish Jack o' Lantern Obsidian Monstrosity

Removed mobs[edit]

Removed mobs that no longer exist in current versions of the game or were planned but not actually added.

VillagerFace.png ArmorerFace.png WanderingTraderFace.png TraderLlamaFace(dungeons).png
Mason Old Blacksmith Wandering Trader Trader Llama

Decorative Pets[edit]

Pets that can be summoned by the player, but are non-attackable and passive mobs in-game. These pets cannot attack mobs, but they still take damage and are affected by player auras but they won't die. Player can upgrade to Hero Pass to collect them.

ChickenFace.png ParrotFace.png SnowFoxFace.png
Baby Chicken Parrot Arctic Fox

Special mobs[edit]

The special mobs are unclassified. They have special spawn generations, or have the same behavior and appearance with other mobs to make players confused.

PhantomFace.png EnchantedVindicator.png NamelessOneFace.png HeartOfEnderFace.png WhispererFace.png IllusionerFace (Dungeons).png
Phantom Enchanted Mobs False King Arch-Vessel Entangle Vine Illusioner Clone

Planned mobs[edit]

The mobs only have their name in the game data file. Unlike unused mobs that have in-game textures, sounds, or appear in the official trailer. Most of these mobs are based on mobs from various editions of Minecraft.

SnowGolemFace.png HorseFace.png DonkeyFace.png MuleFace.png SkeletonHorseFace.png ZombieHorseFace.png ZombifiedPiglinFace.png
Snow Golem Horse Donkey Mule Skeleton Horse Zombie Horse Zombified Piglin
GhastFace.png MagmaCubeFace.png ZombieVillagerFace.png GuardianFace.png ElderGuardianFace.png AgentFace.png NPCFace.png EnderdragonFace.png WitherFace.png ShulkerFace.png EndermiteFace.png
Ghast Magma Cube Zombie Villager Guardian Elder Guardian Agent NPC Ender Dragon Wither Shulker Endermite


Main article: MCD:Drops

Most mobs drops upon death:


  • Some mobs from original games have new features in Minecraft Dungeons. For example, many mobs have sound files for behavior animations named "Novelty". All mobs except the Heart of Ender have animation when idle, though many don't tend to see them or document them. [1]
  • When mobs die, their body turns gray then fades into dust.
  • If the player's enchantment is used by mobs, some of the enchantment's effects would turn them purple in color. [2].
  • Most mobs get stunned by normal attack when their health is lower, except certain mobs with stun resistance such as the Husk, the Diamond Armored Vindicator, Diamond Armored Pillager, Leapleaf, Mob Spawner and Mini-Boss/Boss mobs (except for the Wretched Wraith which is not immune to stunning when its health high or lower).
  • Ranged mobs tend to have more health then Melee mobs, this might be because their attack speed is very slow or their attacks deal little damage. They also tend to flee from the player when not attacking.
  • The mob's HP increases on higher difficulties for recommended power levels with 1 (power level on each difficulty) = 1x (x = times the multiplication), so 4=1.7x, 10=2.7x, 16=4.1x, 22=5.5x, 27=7.4x, 33=9.9x and so on.
  • If any mobs were 32 blocks away from the player, their animation will stop to prevent the game from crashing.


  1. Example, Necromancers and Enchanters throw their staffs and books in the air then catch them and celebrate.
    • Skeletons will spin their heads around when idle. Zombies will slouch over, Baby Zombies will dance in position, and Cave spiders will do a backflip.
  2. For example, Fire Trail, Poison Cloud.