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Master's Katana
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Melee Weapon



Natural enchantment

Critical Hit

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The Master's Katana has existed throughout the ages, appearing to heroes at the right moment.

In-game description

The Master's Katana is a unique melee weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. It is a unique variant of the Katana.


Can rarely be acquired from defeating mobs and opening chests in Obsidian Pinnacle, Lower Temple and Panda Plateau on apocalypse difficulty.


The Master's Katana possesses high power, very low speed, and moderate range, and has a combo consisting of two side slashes, and an upwards slash.

The side slashes deals the weapon's minimum melee damage, and the upwards slash does the weapon's maximum melee damage.


  • Increases critical hit chance (10%)


Power Damage
1 18-27
10 30-44
20 49-72
30 78-114
40 121-178
50 185-273
60 282-415
70 428-629
80 646-951
90 974-1432
100 1466-2155
108 2031-2987