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Notes: Appearance
Lost Settlement
Lost Settlement.png
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This page describes content that is a part of the Creeping Winter DLC.

The Lost Settlement is a secret location in Minecraft Dungeons's DLC Creeping Winter. This level includes the Illusioner boss. It can be unlocked from Frosted Fjord.


SNOWFLAKE IN A BLIZZARD – Long ago, a group of miners built a settlement on the shores of a great lake to harness the powerful energies hidden under the surface. But as time passed, the settlement was forgotten, and now the creeping winter has locked it away in ice. Who would be brave enough to face the elements and rediscover the magic of this lost settlement?


Mob Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Piggy Bank Yes Yes Yes
Icy Creeper Yes Yes Yes
Frozen Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Stray Yes Yes Yes
Vindicator Yes Yes Yes
Armored Vindicator Yes Yes Yes
Geomancer Yes Yes Yes
Pillager Yes Yes Yes
Armored Pillager Yes Yes Yes
Iceologer Yes Yes Yes
Spider Ambush,rarely Ambush,rarely Ambush,rarely
Mob Spawner In Secret Area In Secret Area In Secret Area
Illusioner Yes Yes Yes
Illusioner Yes Yes Yes


Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Gear Drops
Sickles No Yes Yes
Cutlass Yes Yes Yes
Mace No Yes Yes
Snow Bow Yes Yes Yes
Dark Armor No No Yes
Wolf Armor Yes Yes Yes
Spelunker Armor Yes Yes Yes
Snow Armor Yes Yes Yes
Light Feather Yes Yes Yes
Shock Powder Yes Yes Yes
Golem Kit No No Yes