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Jungle Abomination
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This page describes content that is a part of the Jungle Awakens DLC.

The Jungle Abomination is a boss mob found in Minecraft Dungeons. It is found in the Sun Room within the Overgrown Temple. It is the final boss in Jungle Awakens.


The Jungle Abomination appears to be a hulking beast composed of logs, dirt and stone, and has moss and vines growing on it. Its left arm has what appears to be a Villager statue on the end, bound by its vines, and its right arm is a vine. It has glowing eyes similar to that of an Enderman, as well as its mouth and a large flower on its torso are the same color.


Spoiler warning

Spoiler warning! This section contains detailed information about Minecraft Dungeons that may spoil your enjoyment of it. Read at your own risk!

The Jungle Abomination is the result of the shattered shard of the Orb of Dominance spreading its corrupted magic across a jungle island where the story of Jungle Awakens takes place. The Orb first took control of the island in the form of Quick Growing Vines and Poison-Quill Vines, as noted by the presence of purplish-pink streaks of energy around them. It then created the Jungle Abomination as a result of manipulating its environment, creating a "body" composed of leaves, branches, roots, and other objects. It can use this 'body' to protect itself and grow stronger, which resulted in the Abomination's creation. As a result, the Orb within the Abomination took full control of the island, as noted by the loud roars it emits throughout all levels. Its quest to regain its powers lead to the creation of the Whisperer and the Leapleaf, but these plans were never fulfilled, as it, along with the shard within it was destroyed for once and for all, and the island now recovers from the corruption caused by the Orb.


The Jungle Abomination has 3 different attacks. It is one of the slowest and largest mobs in the game, but does not have the largest health pool. Sometimes, the boss becomes vulnerable for 5 seconds if it takes too much damage, with its defense significantly reduced by 60%. It is also the tallest mob in the game, about 8 blocks tall.

These attack names are conjectural; official names have not been established.

Smash Attack

During this attack, the Jungle Abomination uses its left arm (with the Villager statue), in attempt to crush the player. The Boss cannot move when using this attack unlike the Redstone Monstrosity but deals more damage.

Vine Attack

This attack involves the Jungle Abomination whipping its vine-like left arm into the ground and 4 to 8 Abomination Vines rise from the ground, either whipping or stabbing the player. This attack only seems to be used when the abomination falls below half health and deals 40% of the melee's smash per vine.

Summon Mobs

The Abomination summons 4 Whisperers. When below half health, it can also summon 2 Leapleaves.


The amount of health depends on the difficulty; on Default Mode, it has 8,000 to 20,000 hp, on Adventure Mode, it has 40,000 to 100,000 hp and on Apocalypse Mode, it has 213,000 to 533,000 hp.

The lowest difficulty in its level is 4.



Attack BoomDLC_Mob_Abom_Attack_BOOM_Foley
Basic AttackDLC_Mob_Abom_BasicAttack_Foley
Flower LoopDLC_Mob_Abom_Flower_LOOP
Flower CloseDLC_Mob_Abom_FlowerClose
Flower OpenDLC_Mob_Abom_FlowerOpen
Get UpDLC_Mob_Abom_GetUp_Foley
Vine AttackDLC_Mob_Abom_VineAttack_Foley
Vine Attack FailDLC_Mob_Abom_VineAttackFail_Foley
Vine Attack SuccessDLC_Mob_Abom_VineAttackSuccess_Foley
Vine BurstDLC_mob_abomvine_burst_F


Basic AttackDLC_Mob_Abom_BasicAttack_Vocal
Get UpDLC_Mob_Abom_GetUp_Vocal
Vine AttackDLC_Mob_Abom_VineAttack_Vocal
Vine Attack FailDLC_Mob_Abom_VineAttackFail_Vocal
Vine Attack SuccessDLC_Mob_Abom_VineAttackSuccess_Vocal