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Jailor's Scythe

Melee Weapon



Natural enchantment


The Jailor's Scythe is a unique melee weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. It is a variant of the Soul Scythe.


This scythe belonged to the terror of Highblock Keep, the Jailor.

In-game description

This scythe once belonged to the Jailor of the Highblock Keep, a cruel villain. The magical chains have restrained many villagers in the past.


Can rarely be acquired from defeating mobs and opening chests in Pumpkin Pastures, Arch Haven, ??? and Frosted Fjord on adventure and apocalypse difficulty.

Can also be randomly purchased from the Blacksmith's stall in the player's Camp.


The Jailor's Scythe possess moderate power, low speed, and moderate range, and has a continuous attack of sideways slashes. It is one of the most common Unique items, along with the Feral Soul Crossbow and Fox Armor if the player has ??? unlocked. This is because of the Mooshroom Monstrosity boss and its very high chance to drop unique gear.


  • X melee damage
  • Binds and Chains Enemies
  • +1 Soul Gathering


Power Damage
1 12
10 19
20 32
30 50
40 78
50 120
60 183
70 277
80 418
90 630
100 948



Minecraft Dungeons
?JailorScytheIcon.png Added Jailor's Scythe. soul gathering from 2 to 1.