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An item is an object that can be picked up by a player. There are multiple types of items, including weapons, armors, and artifacts. Some items are exclusively used by mobs, such as the Vindicator Chef's ladle in the Highblock Halls.

There are three ranks of rarity for most items: Common, Rare, and Unique. All items of each rarity have randomized stats. Enchantment points can be used to add special effects onto items. When a weapon with a higher gear level is obtained, always check the enchantments before salvaging any old gear. Currently, there are a total of 183 known items in the game, 180 of which are currently obtainable. This includes 99 or 97 Uniques respectively. The highest currently known power level is 174.

List of items[edit]


Main article: Weapon

Weapons are items used to attack monsters and destroy breakable objects (e.g. cages, jars).

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Main article: Armor

Armors are used to increase defense power and health.


Main article: Artifact

Artifacts are usable items, such as potions. An example of an artifact is the Totem of Shielding, which gives protection from projectile attacks. Another one is the Gong of Weakening, which triples the damage taken by enemies and reduces their attack damage by 25%. Some artifacts like Harvester require souls in order to be used.


Main article: Consumable
Main article: Food

Food gives the player regeneration for a set duration. The effects can be stacked, but the duration does not.

Main article: Potions

Potions give the player its respective effect for a set duration. The different effects can stack, but similar effects do not.


These are other items that do not fall in the other categories.


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Players have the ability to salvage old weapons, armor, and artifacts to obtain emeralds and used enchantment points.

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