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An open inventory.

The inventory is the item storage available to a player in Minecraft Dungeons. From this pop-up screen, players can choose which Armor, Weapons, Artifacts, and Enchantments they will wield in battle.


The inventory in Minecraft Dungeons is a menu where the player manages the items they own, and can see their emeralds, enchantment points, level, and the sum total of the power of the six items in the equipment and artifact slots. Here items can be equipped and their information and statistics can be shown once selected. It strongly differs from that in regular Minecraft.


The inventory consists of 180 slots the player can scroll through, used for melee weapons, ranged weapons, armor, artifacts, and cosmetics. When the inventory contains at least 162 items, a message stating the slots in use appears at the bottom of the screen. The low capacity message disappears if the amount of items lowers and the inventory is re-opened.

Inventory tabs[edit]

Items are sorted into tabs for easy viewing. Players can search through any tabs individually, or scroll through everything in the "All" tab.

Equipment slots[edit]

The three slots above the player are used to equip melee weapons, armor, and ranged weapons. To more easily find items in the inventory, players can use the category buttons on the top to filter out items. These can be picked up during battle or purchased from the trading area.

Artifact slots[edit]

Slots below the player are used to equip three magical artifacts that provide buffs or cause damage. Some of them utilize souls that are collected from defeated monsters.


Main article: Enchanting

Enchantments power up the player's gear with special effects. Any non-artifact item has a section for enchantments that can be seen once selected. It can be bought by spending enchantment points, which are another form of currency. It can be gained from leveling up to enhance the power of items, which can be retrieved by salvaging the enhanced item. The purple icon on the screen shows the number of enchantment points.


The interface for Salvaging

After selecting an item in the player's inventory, a button labeled "Salvage" appears beneath the item's information on the right side of the screen. If a player chooses to salvage the item, they receive emeralds for doing so, as well as any enchantment points used on said item, the number of emeralds given depends on the power and rarity of the item. Salvaging rare items gives twice the amount as common, and unique items give five times as much as common items. After salvaging an item, players are shown the item salvaged, emeralds gained, and the option to undo the action. The opportunity to undo salvaging goes away if the inventory is closed, a different item is selected, or the inventory's filter is changed to a category that has any items.

Temporary Inventories[edit]


Main article: Souls

Souls are temporarily kept in the player's possession during missions and can be seen opposite to the experience bar on the bottom of the player's screen. Souls gathered during missions are not kept when the player returns to camp. As there are no mobs in the camp, the only way to gain souls without entering a mission is by using a weapon enchanted with Soul Siphon on the target dummies.


Interface for Arrows

When entering or returning to the camp, players have the arrows in their inventory reset to the default amount for the bow they have equipped. If the player changes their currently equipped bow to another, the quiver is set to the appropriate amount for the newly equipped item. Currently, the only way to refill arrows while in the camp is to activate the Surprise Gift enchantment and create an arrow bundle. Players can also use the Flaming Quiver, Torment Quiver, or Fireworks Arrow artifacts to acquire special arrows to shoot.


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