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This page describes content that is a part of the Creeping Winter DLC.
This article is about mini-boss in Minecraft Dungeons. For the unused mob in Java Edition, see Illusioner.
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Natural equipment

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The Illusioner, also known as the Illusionist, is an Illager mini-boss mob found in the Creeping Winter and Howling Peaks DLC for Minecraft Dungeons. When spawned, the Evoker boss soundtrack plays.[1]


The Illusioner is an illager that looks very different from the illusioner from the base game. Instead of a blue cloak, it wears a dark purple cloak and hood with dark outlines on the edges. It also has pink eyes, which makes its eyes comparatively brighter than that of the other Illagers. Under its cloak is leather clothing, and it wears a belt with an iron buckle and a leather bag behind it. It also wears dark boots and smaller than the Evoker.


The Illusioner will appear as the main boss in the Lost Settlement. Afterwards, it will appear as a mini-boss and boss in the Frosted Fjord and as a mini-boss in the Lone Fortress.


The Illusioner has 3 different attacks. Between attacks, it uses Teleport and Create Duplicates.

These attack names are conjectural; an official name has not been established.


Teleport and Create Duplicates

The Illusioner creates several duplicates of itself, similarly to the Nameless One. Unlike their base game counterparts, these duplicates can be killed separately. If no player is nearby when this ability is used, the Illusioner and its duplicates will not appear until a player gets close. When the real Illusioner is attacked or a certain amount of time passes, all the duplicates disappear and new ones appear shortly after.


After teleporting, the real Illusioner will use a random attack, before teleporting and creating more duplicated.

Cast Blindness

The Illusioner casts 7 seconds of blindness on the players. While blinded, the player's attacks will have a 50% chance to miss and they will emit a black mist over their head.

Arrows [verify]

The Illusioner and all of its duplicates will constantly fire arrows at the player.

Explosive Arrow

The real Illusioner shoots a pink explosive arrow that is similar to the Fireworks Arrow.


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Death (Duplicates)DLC_sfx_mob_illusionerDeath
Death (Real)DLC_sfx_mob_illusionerDeath
Prepare BlindDLC_sfx_mob_illusionerPrepareBlind
Prepare MirrorDLC_sfx_mob_illusionerPrepareMirror



  • The Illusioner is the third mob in the game that appears as both a mini-boss and a boss in the same level and the only one not to appear in the base game; the Evoker and the Redstone Golem also fulfill these conditions.
  • It is in the base game (although they do not appear naturally), but with a different texture (a blue robe, green eyes, less shadows on the face and lighter feet)
  • The Illusioner and its duplicates sometimes have different sounds. The real Illusioner's death sounds are also warped, unlike the original.
  • When the Illusioner is dying, the music stops and plays a ghost screaming with death sounds, which resembles Evoker's death scream.
  • the Illusioner has the same battle music as the Evoker.
  • Illusioners are one of the only illagers that weren't part of the Arch-Illager's army along with Iceologers and Windcallers.
  • The Illusioner's Duplicates is a type of mob, its in-game code name is Illusioner Clone. Similar to the False King. If the player has a soul build, they were able to collect souls from those clones, this one is actually a bug in the game because the Clones do not have real souls.
  • Illusioners can also spawn in the Howling Peaks levels.