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Icy Creeper
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This page describes content that is a part of the Creeping Winter DLC.

The Icy Creeper is a hostile mob and an icy variant of the Creeper found in Minecraft Dungeons. It is one of the mobs included in Creeping Winter, the second DLC pack for Minecraft Dungeons, and in the third DLC pack Howling Peaks.


The Icy Creeper is a cold variant of the Creeper. Unlike the normal Creeper found in the mainland of Minecraft Dungeons, it is seen emanating snowflakes from its body, as well as a cold, blue mist. When it explodes, a freezing sound is heard and the spot where it blew up will freeze momentarily. Its explosion is bluish in color.


It behaves similarly to a regular Creeper in Minecraft Dungeons, walking towards the player and exploding, but their explosions produce a snowy mist and can slow down players.


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  • The Icy Creeper started out blue to fit the wintry biome but quickly changed back to green in order to not change the iconic mob and instead added snow particles around it.