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The Healing Potion as seen in the Player's hotbar.

The Health Potion is a Potion in Minecraft Dungeons.


Unlike other potions, the Health Potion is not a natural drop, but rather a potion that is always available in the player's hotbar.


Health Potions can be consumed by pressing E. When consumed the potion will heal approximately 75% of the players total health instantly. Once consumed, there will be a 45 second cooldown period between uses. Drinking a Health Potion with the Surprise Gift Enchantment will cause another consumable Item to drop. Consuming one with the Potion Barrier enchantment will make the player receive 90% less damage for a short time. Drinking a health potion while wearing Wolf Armor, Fox Armor, Beenest Armor or Beehive Armor will also heal nearby allies. The cooldown period is reduced by 40% if the player is wearing Champion's Armor or Hero's Armor.