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The Evoker is an illager and a miniboss found in Minecraft Dungeons. It appears frequently on lower difficulties and appears as a boss in Pumpkin Pastures and sometimes in Colossal Rampart. It even spawns in levels where illagers are not normally found like the Desert Temple and the Lower Temple. When spawned, a music soundtrack plays.


The Evoker's appearance in Minecraft Dungeons is similar to its default counterpart in the base game, however, the Evoker in Minecraft Dungeons is slightly bigger than other illagers, about 3 blocks tall. Its robe also uses a different black-purple color scheme instead of black from its default variant.


In the introduction, Walda the evoker is seen crowning the Arch-Illager as the ruler of the Illagers. As the Arch-Illager gets up from his throne, all the illagers except the evoker bow, causing the Arch-Illager to hit the Evoker with the Orb of Dominance to force the Evoker to bow.


In default mode, the evoker first appears in Pumpkin Pastures as a miniboss. At the climax of the level, as the final wave, the Arch-Illager summons an evoker, this time as a boss. In every non-DLC level, the evoker has the potential to appear in every level as a miniboss, depending on the difficulty.


The Evoker has two attacks. It starts by summoning a stream of fangs then calls in a group of vexes. While not attacking, it attempts to stay a certain distance from the players by running.

Summon fangs
Evoker Fangs
MCD Evoker Fangs.png
Hitbox size

Height: 0.8 blocks
Width: 0.5 blocks

The Evoker raises its hands, enveloped in a yellow aura, then lowers them, summoning a stream of fangs out of the ground to hurt approaching players by snapping shut. The fangs appear in one of the three formations. The first is a line of 7 fangs from the Evoker towards the targeted player, the second is a circle of 12 fangs around the Evoker, and the third is simply fangs scattered around the Evoker. This is its most powerful attack.

Summon vexes
MCD Vex.png


The Evoker raises its hands, enveloped in a purple aura, summoning 4 vexes in a circle around it.


Power Min Health
1 240
4 408
10 648
16 984
22 1320
27 1776
33 2376
39 3072
45 3936
51 5064
56 6864
62 9312
68 12576
74 16152
80 20736
86 26616
91 36240
97 49176
103 66624


Cast Spellsfx_multi_evokerCastSpell_soundWave
Fangs Appearsfx_mob_fangAppear_soundWave
Fangs Fastsfx_multi_evokerFangsFast_soundWave
Fangs Disappearsfx_mob_fangDisappear_soundWave
Prepare Attacksfx_mob_evokerPrepareAttack_soundWave
Prepare Summonsfx_mob_evokerPrepareSummon_soundWave
Prepare Wololosfx_multi_evokerPrepareWololo_soundWave
Evoker Death Screamsfx_env_graveyardMoan-004


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaEvoker (Dungeons).png Added Evoker


  • In the Evoker's boss fight theme, there is a "wololoo" heard in it. This is the sound they make in the base game while turning a blue sheep red. The sound itself is a reference to another Microsoft franchise, Age of Empires, where the priest unit can turn enemy units into friendly units (changing the unit's color in the process) after making a "wololoo" sound.
  • The Evoker is one of the few mobs to be both a boss and a miniboss, the others being the Illusioner and the Redstone Golem.
  • When the Evoker dies, it plays a new ghost screaming in the background with its death sounds. This screaming sound can also be heard in some levels such as the graveyard in the Creeper Woods.
  • Because the Evoker was added in the Beta, it is the first boss to be added in Minecraft Dungeons.
  • When the Enchanter enchants the Evoker, its HP increases by only 25%.
  • It's possible to stun the Evoker's fangs, which causes them to simply sit in place and not snap or move. This can be done with the Snowball enchantment.
  • Evokers wear the Battle Robe. In the Redstone Mines, the Evoker can rarely drop its Battle Robe when killed.
  • The Evoker is one of the only two mobs that can appear as a boss in more then one level. The other is the Illusioner.
  • The Evoker raises it’s eyebrows when summoning fangs, and closes it’s eyes when summoning vexes.


Spoiler warning

Spoiler warning! This section contains detailed information about Minecraft Dungeons that may spoil your enjoyment of it. Read at your own risk!

In the Novel[1] and Archie's Origin, two Evokers were confirmed to have their real name:

  • Walda the Evoker — A female evoker, was the Leader of the Woodland Mansion and orphaned Archie. In the end she put the crown on Arch-Illager's head and bows to him.
  • Thord the Evoker — Archie's childhood and former bully.

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