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The Enderman is a hostile mob that acts as a mini-boss in Minecraft Dungeons and has the ability to teleport. When spawned, a music soundtrack is played. [1]


The Enderman spawns in Default difficulty as a mini-boss in Soggy Swamp, the Desert Temple, the Dingy Jungle and the Overgrown Temple. In Adventure difficulty, it would spawn sometimes in the Creeper Woods, the Cacti Canyon the Obsidian Pinnacle and the Pumpkin Pastures. And in Apocalypse, it can spawn sometimes in the Redstone Mines, the Fiery Forge and the Highblock Halls.


Endermen teleport away after taking damage and can damage players heavily. They also can "hide" within teleportation and not appear right away. They can't teleport inside walls.



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  • In Minecraft Dungeons, Endermen can be hit with arrows, unlike in normal Minecraft. They are also immune to water damage and do not teleport away when inside it.
  • Unlike most mobs in Minecraft Dungeons, Endermen don't drop as a body when defeated. Instead, they raise their arms up, open their mouths, and make their death sounds as they fade away.
  • The Enderman is the weakest boss in Minecraft Dungeons.
  • The amount of health depends on the difficulty; on Default Mode, it has 240 to 2400 hp, on Adventure Mode, it has 2400 to 12480 hp and on Apocalypse Mode, it has 12480 to 66600 hp.