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Enchanters are illagers and hostile mobs that enchant other hostile mobs making them stronger and more dangerous, found in many levels in Minecraft Dungeons.


Enchanters wear a wine-colored robe, similar to the Evoker, but with more prominent gold stripes, diamond buttons on its shoulders and gold lines near the end of its sleeves, a turban-like hat with a diamond on it, and a cape with a golden outline at its end. It carries a tome in which it uses it to enchant nearby mobs and control villagers in their hostage and slave operations. It closes its hands like the Evoker and Illusioner when idle.


Enchanters enchant other hostile mobs buffing many of their stats. They shoot a magical beam to link one mob at a time, ending up being able to enchant up to two mobs at a time. Both mobs involved in the enchantment must be alive and near each other for the enchantment to be sustained; if the Enchanter is killed or if the enchanted mob goes too far away from the Enchanter, the enchantment ends and the mob returns to normal. If the player gets too close to one, it hits with its book, dealing minor damage.


Enchanter Beamsfx_mob_enchanterBeam
Enchanter Beam Loopsfx_mob_enchanterBeamLoop


  • Some of the Enchanter's sounds have distorted Villager sounds.
  • Although Enchanters are hostile mobs, they cannot enchant each other, but they can spawn enchanted themselves as well.
  • Enchanter can enchant geomancers, where it can double the Bomb's damage. [needs testing]


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