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Notes: Give the red sheep proper lime-yellow eyes like in-game.
Enchanted Sheep
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Enchanted sheep are passive mobs that are summoned when Enchanted Grass is used. They appear in several colors and behave like most summoned mobs, attacking enemies and staying nearby the player.


Enchanted sheep appear in only three colors, with each color correspondent to a certain effect, with green sheep being capable of kicking and poisoning, red sheep capable of burning mobs, and the blue sheep only increasing the speed aura of the player. Unlike the blue and green sheep, the red sheep is the only sheep with distinct eye color, with its eyes being bright yellow and faint gray pupils.


Among the three sheep, only green and red sheep are capable of attacking mobs by punching them with their front legs, similar to Mooshrooms.



Blue sheep are passive where they only increase the speed aura of the player.


Red sheep except that its attack is rather small and burns mobs.


Green sheep are capable of summoning a Poison Cloud upon hitting mobs.


Minecraft Dungeons Blue Sheep.png Enchanted Red Sheep.png Enchanted Green Sheep.png Added Enchanted Sheep.