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Most hostile mobs can be enchanted. Mobs can be enchanted from an Enchanter, the Arch-Illager or spawn with enchantments. Enchanted mobs are also the player's hunting target for the Mystery Merchant to unlock more slots in his stall. Enchanted mobs can overwhelm the Player much faster than Boss mobs, making them super dangerous, especially on Apocalypse Plus, where they spawn in great numbers.

List of enchantments[edit]

Naturally, enemies become more and more common as the difficulty increases. Passive mobs can spawn with enchantments as well. Enchanters can enchant mobs using Fast Attack or Double Damage, but mobs that spawn naturally with enchantments can be enchanted with the following additional enchantments:


  • Thorns — 12.5% of damage dealt is reflected.
  • Thundering — Hits from the mob have a chance to summon a bolt of electricity that damages all nearby players and pets.
  • Protection — Makes the mob take 50% less damage.
  • Fire Trail — Leaves a trail of purple fire. deals great burning damage to players. On Apocalypse 7, they deal 999 damage per second.
  • Electrified — Causes the player to take great damage when near them in short electrical bursts. This happens every 5 seconds.
  • Burning — Causes the player to take damage when in the circle around them continuously.
  • Quick — Behave similar to the Speed buff, Mobs move faster.
  • Chilling — Causes the player to move slower when in the large ice circle around them.
  • Echo — Mob has a chance to instantaneously repeat an attack right after attacking.
  • Radiance — Mob has a chance to summon an aura that heals it and all allies when attacking, ranged mobs have Radiance Shot Instead.
  • Deflect — Mobs deflect projectiles back at the player.
  • Regeneration — Mobs regenerate health within seconds and was the most powerful enchantment.
  • Heal Allies — Heal nearby mobs when getting hurt.
  • Frenzied — Increases attack speed by 50% when health is below half.
  • Gravity Pulse — Pulls players towards the mob in pulses.
  • Cowardice — Mobs deal 50% more damage if they are at max health.
  • Shielding — Mob protects itself and nearby mobs.
  • Explorer — Mob heals health when it travels long distances.

Ranged mobs only[edit]

  • Power — Mob inflicts increased ranged damage.
  • Fuse Shot — Projectiles fired by the mob have a chance to explode after impact, dealing massive damage.
  • Multishot — Ranged mobs have a chance to shoot 5 projectiles instead of 1.
  • Chain Reaction — Mobs that shoot projectiles have a chance to split into 5 more projectiles on impact.
  • Poison Cloud — Projectiles create a poison cloud identical to those that Witches throw wherever they land.
  • Ricochet — Has a chance to have their projectile bounce from player to player.
  • Growing — Projectiles fired from that mob become larger and deadlier the longer they travel.
  • Punch — Projectiles fired by the mob deal additional knockback.
  • Tempo Theft — Projectiles fired by the mob slow down the player, but speed up the mob.
  • Radiance Shot — Projectiles fired heal the mobs' allies but not the player.

Mobs only[edit]

The player cannot get these enchantments. An enchanter or enchanted mob may cast these, as of the Howling Peaks, these enchantments are the default for the Enchanter's Tome.

  • Fast Attack — Mob attack speed increases.
  • Double Damage — Behaves similar to the Strength buff, mobs deal 2 times as much damage.
  • Quick — Behaves similar to the Swiftness buff, gives mobs a higher movement speed.

Daily trial mobs only[edit]

  • Weakening — Mob inflicts the weakness effect for 5 seconds, reducing the player's attack damage and increasing damage taken.
  • Critical Hit — Mob has a chance to inflict three times as much damage when they attack.


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  • Enchanted mobs have an enchanted light glowing appearance. The more enchantments they have, the brighter their appearance. For example, a mob with 3 enchantments appears brighter than if the mob has 1 enchantment. The mob also becomes slightly larger when enchanted.
  • The Love Medallion does not work on enchanted mobs.
  • Players can use ranged weapons with Wild Rage to give enchanted mobs with the Fire Trail enchantment, which makes the mob burn on its own trail.
  • Occasionally, animals can spawn enchanted, while the Piggy Bank can rarely spawn enchanted on daily trials and Seasonal trials.
  • Some enchantments (Quick, Regeneration, Heal Allies, Shielding) are used on mobs but are currently not usable by the player.