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Daily Trials are challenges in Minecraft Dungeons that make changes to the game mechanics which provide challenges for you to overcome. They consist of existing locations with modifications to the game mechanics. Each trial has positive and negative modifiers to game mechanics. As the name implies, new trials are added every day.

The modifiers of the Daily Trials, can be changed by pressing F5.

Daily Trials will become available as part of a free Minecraft Dungeons

Players get rewards for completing a trial, which consist of weapons, armor, and artifacts with higher power levels than what is available in normal gameplay, and they are weighted to higher rarity levels.

Daily Trials can be accessed from the Mission Select screen. Two trials are visible on the Mainland map per day, as well as one per owned DLC on the Island Realms map. Daily Trials can be completed alone or in local and online multiplayer.

An active internet connection is needed to fetch new trials every day upon logging into the game. If trials are not appearing, ensure that your game is updated to the latest version.

Daily Trials are replaced daily at midnight in local time, meaning that every day you play Minecraft Dungeons, there will be something new to try.[1]

When finished, the obsidian chest at the end of the level will contain a Rare or Unique item, with normal than usual power level for that difficulty. Item power in daily trials can go up to 118, whereas on regular levels it goes up to 113.

There are currently three known levels of daily trials, Hard, Harder and Epic.

A list of all of the Daily Trials since Sep 8 can be found at Daily Trials/Archive

Exclusive Items

There are a handful of items that are exclusive to daily trials, these item have unique features and cannot be found anywhere else in the game, not even from merchants.

Ranged Weapons

Melee Weapons