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Curious Armor
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No one knows where this strange armor came from but it seems familiar to you.

In-game description

Curious Armor is an armor set in Minecraft Dungeons. It is the unused unique variant of the Guard's Armor. Next to nothing is known about this item as it was the rarest item in the game, and never made it into the full release. It was intended to have a 5% chance to teleport the player when hit, but this ability does not appear on the item even if edited in with 3rd party software.


Without editing game files or using 3rd party software, it is unobtainable. It would have dropped wherever the Guard's Armor would drop.


  • 5% chance to teleport away when hit
  • 25% artifact cooldown
  • +10 arrows per bundle


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Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaCurious Armor.png Added the Curious Armor, unused. the Curious Armor textures.