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The logo for Creeping Winter.

Creeping Winter is an upcoming DLC pack for Minecraft Dungeons[1], along with Jungle Awakens.


Creeping Winter is set in an as of yet unnamed snowy island. The island contains a large fortress (the Lonely Fortress) and villages dotted around the land. To the north is a large iceberg. A long river flows across the majority of the island. Many Spruce trees grow throughout the island.


The following is believed to be added in this DLC pack.


The island on which Creeping Winter takes place.

These are believed to be locations within Creeping Winter based on these locations having music tracks within the DLC audio folder.


While this is not yet confirmed, it is believed the following mobs spawn in Creeping Winter.





Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaDLC creepingwinter inspector.png Added the teaser poster, island map, Arctic Fox, Icy Creeper, Lonely Fortress music and Frozen Zombie into the files. At this point, they are unused. The teaser poster added in this update is a recoloring of the Jungle Awakens poster. the teaser poster with a new, unique poster and added a logo for the DLC. Added Wretched Wraith, Chillager, Illusionist, and Polar Bear files in the game. Also added music tracks and loading screens for Frozen Fjord, Lost Settlement and Lonely Fortress. Added files for the Sweet Brew, Snow Bow, Winter's Touch, Snow Armor, and Frost Armor.
May 29, 2020Creeping Winter namedropped alongside the reveal of Jungle Awakens.



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