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Corrupted Cauldron
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The Corrupted Cauldron, also simply known as the Cauldron, is a boss in Minecraft Dungeons. It appears as the final boss in the Soggy Swamp level.


Note: The attack names listed below are unofficial; no official titles have been released.

The Corrupted Cauldron has three attacks. It can also heal itself by 1% of its total health amount if a non-Pink Slime mob is killed close enough to it.

Conjure Mobs

Corrupted Cauldron, after a stirring animation, conjures a variety of dangerous mobs to join the battle. Used occasionally.

Produce Magical Purple Fire

The Corrupted Cauldron creates a ring of purple fire on the mossy stone blocks around it, which deals heavy damage to anything that steps in it. Used occasionally.

Summon Pink Slimes

The Cauldron can also summon pink slimes. They attack with small purple projectiles and eventually disappear for 10 seconds.


Bubble Attacksfx_mob_bossCauldronAttackBubble_soundWave
Spin Attacksfx_mob_bossCauldronAttackSpin_soundWave
Attack Voicesfx_mob_bossCauldronAttackVoice_soundWave
Spin Bass Intensesfx_mob_bossCauldronSpinBassIntense_soundWave
Swallow Basssfx_mob_bossCauldronSwallowBass_soundWave
Swallow Light Layersfx_mob_bossCauldronSwallowLightLayer_soundWave
Voice Spinsfx_mob_bossCauldronVoiceSpin_soundWave
Wand Spinsfx_multi_bossCauldronWandSpin_soundWave


  • The Corrupted Cauldron's face resembles that of a strider.
  • The Corrupted Cauldron does not move during its boss battle, even if struck with a Gravity-enchanted weapon.
  • The Corrupted Cauldron got buffed in the Jungle Awakens DLC, where it could spawn more minions than before.
  • The amount of health depends on the difficulty; on Default Mode, it has 576 to 5760 HP, on Adventure Mode, it has 5760 to 29952 HP, and on Apocalypse Mode, it has 29952 to 159840 HP.