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Corrupted Beacon
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Filter consume default.png Artifact


Common Common Rare Rare

The Corrupted Beacon holds immense power within. It waits for the moment to unleash its wrath.

In-game description

The Corrupted Beacon is an artifact that fires a high-powered beam that continuously damages mobs. Its unique variant is the Corrupted Pumpkin. It requires souls and is consumed up quickly. It is great at killing early game bosses.





With the maximum amount of souls gathered, being 300, it can be fired for 24 seconds in total, using about 12.5 souls per second.

Each tick of damage deals around 10% of the damage per second value.

The beam fired has a massive range (about 40 blocks away) that exceeds the boundaries of the screen.


  • X artifact damage per second
  • +1 Soul Gathering
  • Requires Souls


Power Min Damage Max Damage
1 50 53
5 63 67
10 83 87
15 107 113
20 137 144
25 174 182
30 218 228
35 273 285
40 340 355
45 422 440
50 523 543
55 646 673
60 797 830
65 981 1023
70 1208 1258
75 1485 1547
80 1824 1900
85 2240 2333
90 2750 2864
95 3374 3513
100 4138 4309
105 5075 5284
108 5735 5971


Equipment that increases Artifact Damage, such as Souldancer Robe, Splendid Robe, and Cave Crawler affect the amount of damage dealt.





  • The lasers the Heart of Ender fires bear a resemblance to the Corrupted Beacon's laser, implying that the Arch-Illager or perhaps the Heart itself corrupted these powerful Beacons.
  • The soul sound is identical to the Heart of Ender's beam loop
  • As of the Spooky Fall, this is the only artifact to have a unique variant, which is the Corrupted Pumpkin.


Minecraft Dungeons
June 9, 2019Corrupted Beacon was first revealed in the Minecraft Dungeons gameplay trailer. At this time it had a different description.
?Description changed from "The cube trembles in your hands. Great power is stored within, just waiting to be unleashed." to "The Corrupted Beacon holds immense power within. It waits for the moment to unleash its wrath."
Dungeons BetaCorrupted Beacon artifact.png Added the Corrupted Beacon. Cost from 1 to 2.
Added cooldown for 2.5 seconds.
Increased beam radius from 150 to 200 unreal units.
Increased damage by 100%.