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Chests spawn throughout a level and tend to have a finite amount that the player can check by viewing the map. There are several types of chests that exist in the game and each chest can give the player gear and consumables (with the exception of the lobby chests which only give emeralds).


Supplies Chests[edit]

The Supplies Chest can be found throughout levels. It gives a bundle of arrows and bread.

Lobby Chest[edit]

A chest that appears in the player's camp as they complete new levels, they will always give exactly 50 emeralds and stop appearing once the player beats the game.

Artifact Chest[edit]

A chest that appears after beating any level. It always gives any random Artifact, when completing a Daily Trial, they can give a weapon, ranged weapon, armor, or an artifact, depends on the rewards.

Common Chest[edit]

The regular common chest that spawns in a level that can gives the player emeralds along with: a bundle of arrows, a potion, or random gear that drops in that level.

Fancy Chest[edit]

A much more uncommon chest that spawns in a level that drops similar loot as the Common Chest but gives the player a guaranteed gear for the level with a very low chance to get a unique variant of the gear. Can also be found on top of a Piggy Bank.

Obsidian Chest[edit]

A rare chest that spawns in a level that drops similar loot to the Common Chest but has a guaranteed gear drop for the level and an even higher chance to give the player a unique variant of the gear, and guarantees 200+ emeralds once opened.


Clay Emerald Pot[edit]

Gives emeralds.

Iron Emerald Pot[edit]

Gives emeralds, but a bit more than the Clay Emerald Pot.