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Minecraft Dungeons:Cape

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Capes are cosmetic items and grant no special abilities.

As of Minecraft Dungeons initial release, there is only one cape obtainable in the game (Hero Cape). Other capes are currently unobtainable without the use of mods.


Name Image Original Notes
Hero Cape Hero Cape.png Hero Cape Texture.png A red cape with gold trimming. It is obtained through the Hero Pass.

This cape texture has been changed from plain red to have Dungeons logo on it.[1][2]

Design idea of this cape was suggested on [Monday September 16th 2019 15:08:13 GMT+0200] on reddit by u/LeeJowReddit.

Mojang tweaked the design to their liking.

Screenshot of conversation about how the cape design idea was invented.

Old version of this cape is still in the files and it is called "RedRoyaleCape". New version is called "RedstoneMonstrosityGoldenCape"

Hammer Cape HammerCape.png HammerCapeT.png A dark green version of the hero cape with no trimming and a hammer decal.
Iron Golem Cape GolemCape.png GolemCapeT.png Similar cape to Minecon 2015 Cape.
Sinister Blue Cape BlueCape.png BlueCapeT.png A navy blue version of the Hero Cape with no trimming or decals


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaSinister Blue Cape.png Red Royal Cape.png Iron Golem Cape.png Hammer Cape.png Added the Sinister Blue, Red Royal, Iron Golem and Hammer capes into the files. Royal cape renamed to Hero cape.