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An image of the camp with some of the new merchants.

The Camp also known as the Lobby is the hub area in Minecraft Dungeons. All levels are accessed from this location, and the player can interact with the Blacksmith, Luxury Merchant, Mystery Merchant, Village Merchant and Gift Wrapper. A player leveling up also finds Emerald Chests that spawn around the map, with each chest giving the player 50 emeralds.

Another image of the camp with some of the new merchants.


After clearing Squid Coast, it was known that it was too late. The heroes then set up camp just outside the village. This is where the heroes return after completing each mission.

As the player progresses through the game and rescues villagers, several villagers will set up their shops and trade with the player, giving weapons, artifacts, power boosts and even swapping items with other players.






Main article: MCD:Blacksmith
An image of the Blacksmith after he has moved into the player's camp.

The Blacksmith appears in the player's camp after the player progresses through: Redstone Mines.

The blacksmith is able to upgrade items. In order to do this, the player must sacrifice their item to the Blacksmith. After completing three missions, the player gets the upgraded weapon. The power level of the weapon will be determined by the difficulty of the three missions the player completed whilst being upgraded.

Gift Wrapper[edit]

Main article: MCD:Gift Wrapper
An image of the Gift Wrapper in the player's camp.

The Gift Wrapper appears in the player's camp after the player progresses through: Soggy Swamp

The Gift Wrapper is a villager that allows players to trade with each other. [1]

Village Merchant[edit]

Main article: MCD:Village Merchant
An image of the Village Merchant in the player's camp.

The Village Merchant appears in the player's camp after the player progresses through: Creeper Woods

The Village Merchant is a villager that sells items near the player's power level.

Note that the power level of the player is determined upon entering the camp, therefore if they equip items with higher power levels in the Camp it does not count towards the power level when trading with the Village Merchant. To work around this, the player should exit to the main menu and join back in.

Luxury Merchant[edit]

Main article: MCD:Luxury Merchant
An image of the Luxury Merchant in the player's camp.

The Luxury Merchant appears in the player's camp after the player progresses through: Cacti Canyon

The Luxury Merchant is a merchant who sells items with power level higher than that of the players. This merchant has a pet Ocelot.

Mystery Merchant[edit]

Main article: MCD:Mystery Merchant
An image of the Mystery Merchant in the player's camp.

The Mystery Merchant appears in the player's camp after they progress through Pumpkin Pastures.

The Mystery Merchant is a merchant who sells Mystery loot crates to the player. In its Camp stall, something similar to a Corrupted Beacon can be seen.



Main article: MCD:Mason
Mason dungeons.png

The Mason is a deleted merchant who would give players Diamond Dust in exchange for Emeralds. Diamond Dust could be used to increase the Power level of a piece of gear. The Mason's functionality was taken by the Blacksmith on September 8th.[1]

Wandering Trader[edit]

Main article: MCD:Wandering Trader
An image of the Wandering Trader after he has moved into the player's camp.

The Wandering Trader would appear in the player's camp after beating Pumpkin Pastures. This NPC, in exchange for emeralds, gave the player random artifacts with power levels that range around the current power level of the player. Buying artifacts from the Wandering Trader would always cost twice the amount of emeralds than buying gear from the Blacksmith.

The Wandering Trader's functionality was taken by the Mystery Merchant with the Creeping Winter patch.


Quest Giver[edit]

Main article: MCD:Quest Giver
What the Quest Giver would have looked liked if it were added in the game.

The Quest Giver is an unused merchant in Minecraft Dungeons that was added in the files in the Creeping Winter patch but was never added in the game. Based on its name, it could have been able to give quests and missions to the player, similar to the map on the table in the Camp.



The outside of the Church

The Church is a building accessible after the player completes the game for the first time. It is reachable via a path to the left of where the player finds the broken nether portal. Once the player reaches the Church for the first time, they are able to lower a drawbridge that makes reaching the Church easier. The Church allows the player to unlock the runes, allowing access to the secret level ???.

Inside the church are several developer portraits found in the credits for the game. In the end, there is a dog portrait. Clicking on the dog reveals a hint towards the location of an undiscovered rune.

List of Hints[edit]

The Stable/House in the Camp


The House or Stable is a building in the back area of the camp. it is a small building with two rooms including a table, fireplace, dishes and a Redstone Monstrosity head on the main floor. On the second floor, there is another fireplace along with a few paintings, an anvil, a rug on the floor, an armor stand and a Creeper figure in the corner. The artifact and daily trial item chest that appears in a cutscene after the player completes a level also takes place in this room.


Emerald Chests[edit]

There are several Emerald Chests around the campsite, and more appear as players complete missions. They stop appearing once the player advances into Adventure Mode.

Nether Portal[edit]

Behind the Church, there is a broken Nether Portal that is covered in stone-like blocks. If one listens closely, they can hear somewhat broken Nether Portal noises. It is currently a decoration, but could potentially be used for the upcoming Nether DLC.

The broken portal in the Camp, that can be found behind the Church.

Mission Select[edit]

Players can select their mission by using the map that lies between the two trading areas, or by pressing the "Map" button (Default M/D-pad Down) while inside the camp. The map shows which missions have been completed or have not been attempted. By clicking on a mission, players can view the level of difficulty, weapon drops, and artifacts that may be obtained. The Mystery Merchant, Luxury Merchant and the Village Merchant give random items, with power close to the level.