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Butterfly Crossbow
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This crossbow moves faster than wings in flight and strikes down enemies before they see the bolt.

In-game description

The Butterfly Crossbow is a unique ranged weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. It is a variant of the Rapid Crossbow.


The Butterfly Crossbow possesses very low power, high speed, and a large ammo supply. The quiver starts with 133 arrows, normal arrow bundles give 66 arrows, supply chest bundles give another 133 arrows, and Surprise Gift bundles give 33 arrows.

Crossbows can be shot repeatedly if the ranged attack button is held down. Ranged weapons require the player to have at least one normal arrow or a special arrow from a quiver artifact in their inventory to shoot. Unlike bows, shots from crossbows cannot be charged.

Damage caused by the arrows can be increased with enchantments, the Strength buff, the Cowardice armor enchantment, and certain armors that have ranged damage increases, such as the Hunter's Armor.


  • X ranged damage
  • High Firerate
  • Shoots Two Enemies at Once


Power Damage
110 565


The Butterfly Crossbow is a rare drop wherever a Rapid Crossbow can drop. This includes the Redstone Mines and the Lone Fortress. It can also be found within the Highblock Halls on Adventure difficulty or higher.