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In Minecraft Dungeons, a boss is a hostile mob that appears near the end of a level. Out of the 22 total locations in Minecraft Dungeons, 12 of them have bosses, out of these levels, 8 have their own unique bosses. Only 1 final boss can spawn at each level, with the exception of Obsidian Pinnacle, which spawns 2 instead. The Frosted Fjord level can also sometimes spawn two bosses as well.


  • Main bosses
  • DLC bosses
    • Jungle Abomination — A large plant monster made up of various plant objects. It helped spread the Orb's powers by creating other plant-like monsters like the Whisperer and the Leapleaf. It resides in the Overgrown Temple.
    • Wretched Wraith — A Wraith with small purple markings around its hood, glowing eyes and mouth, ice-tipped hands, and an ice crown that features the Orb piece inside of it. Caused the Creeping Winter. It homes itself within a Lone Fortress.
    • Tempest Golem — A large Squall Golem with a large purple stud on its forehead, a large jaw, three jade banners on its chin, two large windmills like poles, a large square head, four jade blocks on each end of its body and a big golden sword on its right arm. Resides within the Gale Sanctum.
  • Secret bosses
    • Mooshroom Monstrosity — A mechanical mob made of stone and redstone patches, as well as mushroom spores, sprouting out of the Mooshroom Monstrosity's body. It appears to have multiple cracks within the body. It is a variant of the Redstone Monstrosity, possibly reactivated by the mycelium spores after being defeated at Fiery Forge.


Other bosses[edit]

Some miniboss mobs can spawn as a boss at specific levels.

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